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Location o Woqooyi Galbeed in Somalie.

Woqooyi Galbeed (Somali: Woqooyi Galbeed‎ or Maroodi Jeex) is a region in Somaliland, a de facto independent republic which is recognized as an autonomous pairt o Somalie. Its caipital is Hargeisa; ither ceeties include Berbera. Woqooyi Galbeed is bordered bi Ethiopie tae the sooth, the Somali regions o Awdal, Sanaag, Togdheer an Gaaroodi, an the Gulf o Aden. The heichest point in this region is Munt Buuraha Wagar (2004 metres), which rises sootheast o Berbera.

Woqooyi Galbeed is separatit intae fower admeenistrative regions: Woqooyi Galbeed itsel an Gabiley, Gaaroodi, Hawd an Saaxil.

The regions' major touns are:

The region wis renamed Maroodi Jeex, which wis later dividit bi the Somaliland regional admeenistration tae create three ither regions: Gabiley, Gaaroodi an Hawd.

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