William II, Keeng o Scots

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William II & III
King William III of England, (1650-1702).jpg
Born 1650

William II, Keeng o Scots (14 November 1650 - 8 Mairch 1702) wis Stadthauder frae 1672 he as William III o Orange ower Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht, Guelders, an Overijssel o the Dutch Republic. He wis Keeng o Scots frae 11 Aprile 1689 an Keeng o Ingland an Keeng o Ireland frae 13 Februar 1689. In aw thae fower cases, he held thae titles till his daith on 8t Mairch 1702. He is also cried "King Billy"

William wis born in the Netherlands. His mither wis Mary Stuart. Mary wis the sister tae the Keeng o Ingland, Ireland an Scotland, James VII & II.