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Unix history-simple.svg
Evolution o Unix an Unix-lik systems
Company / developer Mony
Programmed in Various
OS faimily Unix-lik
Wirkin state Current
Soorce model Proprietary software or closed soorce, open soorce an free saftware
Initial release 1979
Merkatin target Personal computers, embeddit devices, mobile devices, servers
Available leid(s) Multilingual
Available programmin leids(s) Mony
Supportit platforms Various
Kernel type Microkernel, Monolithic, Hybrid
Userland Various
Default uiser interface Mony
License Mony

A Unix-lik (sometimes referred tae as UN*X or *nix) operatin seestem is ane that behaves in a manner similar tae a Unix seestem, while nae necessarily conformin tae or bein certified tae ony version o the Single UNIX Specification.