UEFA Europa League

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UEFA Europa League
Foondit 1971 (2009 in its current format)
Region UEFA (Europe)
Nummer o teams 48 (group stage)
+8 clubs join after Champions League group stage[1]
160 (total)
Current champions Spain Sevilla (3rd title)
Maist successful club(s) Italy Juventus
Italy Internazionale
Ingland Liverpool
Spain Sevilla
(3 titles each)
Televeesion broadcasters Leet o broadcasters
Wabsteid Offeecial wabsteid
2014–15 UEFA Europa League

The UEFA Europa League is a annual competition in European fitbaa. Afore 2009 it wis cried the UEFA Cup an operatit unner a different seestem. It is the seicont heichmaist level o club fitbaa in Europe an is open to qualification frae every fitbaa associe that is registert wi UEFA. Tradeetionaly, the competition wis for winners o thair associe's maist presteegious domestic cup houaniver, nouadays maist clubs qualify throu thair domestic league.

  1. The top two teams in each group advance to the round of 32, where they are joined by the eight third-place teams in the Champions League group phase.