South Wentworthville

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South Wentworthville
SydneyNew Sooth Wales
Postcode: 2145
Location: 28 km (17 mi) west of Sydney CBD
LGA: City of Holroyd
State electorate: Parramatta
Federal Diveesion: Parramatta, McMahon
Suburbs around South Wentworthville:
Wentworthville Wentworthville Westmead
Greystanes South Wentworthville Merrylands West
Greystanes Merrylands West Merrylands West

South Wentworthville is a suburb o Sydney, in the state o New Sooth Wales, Australie. South Wentworthville is locatit 28 kilometres wast o the Sydney central business destrict, in the local govrenment aurie o the City of Holroyd an is pairt o the Greater Western Sydney region. South Wentworthville is a extension o Wentworthville.

Rick Springfield wis born in South Wentworthville.

Channel Seven newsreader, Chris Bath, grew up in the suburb an wirkit at nearbi Kmart Merrylands.

Coordinates: 33°49′24″S 150°57′55″E / 33.82344°S 150.96541°E / -33.82344; 150.96541Template:Sydney Holroyd suburbs