Papal States

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States o the Kirk
Stato della Chiesa
Status Pontificius




1798–1799: Ponteficate
1849: Ponteficate




Flag in 1870 Coat o airms in 1870
Noi vogliam Dio, Vergine Maria ( – 1857)
"We want God, Virgin Mary"

Marcia trionfale (1857–1870)
"Great Triumphal March"
Cairt o the Papal States (green) in 1700 (aroond its greatest extent), includin its exclaves o Benevento an Pontecorvo in Soothren Italy, an the Comtat Venaissin an Avignon in Soothern Fraunce.
Caipital Roum
Leid(s) Laitin, Italian, Occitan
Releegion Roman Catholic
Government Ponteficate
 − 754–757 Stephen II (first)
 − 1846–1870 Pius IX (last)
 - Establishment 754
 - Codification 781
 - Treaty o Venice (Independence frae the Holy Roman Empire) 1177
 - 1st Disestablishment Februar 15, 1798
 - 2nt Disestablishment September 20, 1870
 - Vatican Ceety Februar 11, 1929
Siller Papal States scudo,
(till 1866)
Papal States lira
The day pairt o  Fraunce
 San Marino
 Vatican Ceety

The Papal States wur territories in the Italian peninsula unner the sovereign direct rule o the pape, frae the 500s till 1870.