Paektu Muntain

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Paektu Muntain
Changbai Shan
Paektu Muntain volcano, Aprile 2003
Elevation 2,744 m (9,003 ft)
Prominence 2,593 m (8,507 ft)
Leetin Kintra heich pynt
Script error: The function "container" does not exist.Location in North Korea, on the border wi Cheenae
Location Ryanggang, North Korea
Jilin, Cheenae
Coordinates 42°00′20″N 128°03′19″E / 42.00556°N 128.05528°E / 42.00556; 128.05528Coordinates: 42°00′20″N 128°03′19″E / 42.00556°N 128.05528°E / 42.00556; 128.05528
Type Stratovolcano
Last eruption 1903[1]

Changbai, Paektu, or Baektu Muntain is an active volcano on the border atween North Korea an Cheenae. At 2,744 m (9,003 ft), it is the heichest muntain o the Changbai an Baekdudaegan ranges. It is an aa the heichest muntain on the Korean Peninsula an in northeastren Cheenae.[2] A lairge crater loch, cried Heaven Loch, is in the caldera atop the muntain.

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