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Stylistic oreegins Cheenese muisicHip HopR&BNew WavePopRock
Cultural oreegins 1920s–1940s, Cheenae
Teepical instruments Vocals, Piano, Violin, Guitar, Drum, synthesizer
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Mandopop (simplified Cheenese: 华语流行音乐; tradeetional Cheenese: 華語流行音樂; pinyin: Huáyǔ liúxíng yīnyuè) is a colloquial abbreviation for "Mandarin popular muisic." It is categorisit as a subgenre o commercial Cheenese-leid muisic athin C-pop. Mandopop wis the first variety o popular muisic in Cheenese tae establish itsel as a viable industrie. As the name implies, Mandopop featurs sangs performit mainly in Mandarin Cheenese. Amang the kintras whaur the subgenre is maist popular are Cheenae, Taiwan, Malaysie, Singapore, an Japan.

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