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Location o the Municipality o Kostel in Slovenie

Kostel is a settlement an a municipality in soothren Slovenie. It locatit on the left bank o the Kolpa River next tae the border wi Croatie. It is pairt o the traditional region o Lawer Carniola an is now includit in the Sootheast Slovenie statistical region.[1]

Its main landmark frae which the settlement an the municipality are named is Kostel Castle, built on a cliff abuin the Kolpa Valley. The castle is surroondit bi a sma mercat settlement. It dates tae the 13t century wi various additions ower the centuries an wis an important defense fortification against Ottoman raids.[2]

The local kirk is dedicatit tae the Magi an belangs tae the parish o Fara pri Kočevju. It is a single-nave Late Gothic biggin that wis refurbished in the Baroque style in the 18t century.[3]

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