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Isuzu i-Series

The Isuzu i-Series mid-size pickup truck line wis launched at the 2005 New York Internaitional Auto Show. The i-Series replaces the Isuzu Hombre, which haes been oot o production since 2000.

Like the Hombre, the i-Series shares its platform wi the General Motors mid-size pickups. It is built at the same plant in Shreveport, Louisiana which produces the Chevrolet Colorado an GMC Canyon, which wur in turn developed off the cab an chassis o the Thai-built Isuzu D-Max bi GM, Isuzu, an GM do Brasil. i-Series sales hae been poor thus far, wi juist 1,377 sold frae the start o production through Februar 2006 accordin tae Automotive News.

As part o Isuzu's withdrawal frae the Unitit States market efter the 2009 model year, the i-Series wis be discontinued, replaced bi the relatit Hummer H3T for GM's Hummer brand.

Twa models ar available in 2006:

Twa models ar available in 2007:

Twa models ar available from 2008:

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