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Filipino fowk
Mamamayang Pilipino
Total population
Regions wi signeeficant populations
Banner o Philippines Philippines 103,775,002[2]
Banner o Unitit States Unitit States 3,416,840[3]
Banner o Saudi Arabie Saudi Arabie 1,066,401[4]
Banner o Unitit Arab Emirates Unitit Arab Emirates 700,000[5]
Banner o Malaysie Malaysie 636,544[6]
Banner o Canadae Canadae 436,190[7]
Banner o Japan Japan 305,972[8]
Banner o Unitit Kinrick Unitit Kinrick 203,035[4]
Banner o Mexico Mexico 200,000[9]
Banner o Qatar Qatar 195,558[4]
Banner o Kuwait Kuwait 139,802[4]
Banner o Italy Italy 134,154[10]
Banner o Hong Kong Hong Kong 130,810[11]
Banner o Australie Australie 129,400[12]
Banner o Spain Spain 115,362[13]
Banner o Republic o Cheenae Taiwan 74,483[14]
Banner o Israel Israel 70,000[15]
Banner o Sooth Korea Sooth Korea 63,464[16]
Banner o Lebanon Lebanon 35,000[17]
Banner o Germany Germany 19,000[18]
Banner o Netherlands Netherlands 16,719[19]
Banner o Nigerie Nigerie 16,000[20]
Banner o Swaden Swaden 13,000[21]
Banner o Republic o Ireland Ireland 12,791[22]
Banner o Norawa Norawa 12,262[23]
Flag of the People's Republic of China Cheenae 12,254[24]
Banner o Swisserland Swisserland 10,000'[25]
Banner o Palau Palau 7,000[26]
Banner o Turkey Turkey 5,500[27]
Banner o Indonesie Indonesie 4,800[28]
Banner o Pakistan Pakistan 3,000[29]
Banner o Iceland Iceland 2,900[30]

Philippine leids, Inglis; Spainyie, Arabic


Christianity (predominantly Roman Catholicism, an Protestantism), Islam, Buddhism, Tradeetional an fowk releegions, or ither releegions.

Sib ethnic groups

ither Sootheast Asies an Austronesie-speakin fowk.

The Filipino fowk (Filipino: Mamamayang Pilipino) or Filipinos are an Austronesie ethnic group native tae the islands o the Philippines. Thare are aboot 104 million Filipinos in the Philippines,[31] an aboot 11 million livin ootside the Philippines.[32]

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