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Futebol Clube do Porto (Portuguese pronunciation: [futɨˈbɔɫ ˈklub(ɨ) du ˈpoɾtu]) (EuronextFCP), commonly kent as FC Porto, Porto, or FCP, is a Portuguese association fitbaa team frae the ceety o Porto, in the northren region o the kintra. Foondit in Porto in 1893 bi Monteiro da Costa, it is ane o the Três Grandes, or Big Three, fitbaa clubs in Portugal, wi Sport Lisboa e Benfica an Sporting Clube de Portugal being the ither twa clubs, FC Porto's twa biggest rivals.

FC Porto is an internatiionally laudit team, wi a naitional record o sax internaitional titles, becomin European an Warld Champions twice each in the 1987 an 2004 saisons. In 1987, FC Porto an aa gained the UEFA Supercup (anither first for Portugal) an, in 2004, it brought Portugal's first UEFA Champions League trophy. In 1987, FC Porto became ane o a few teams in the Warld tae hauld in possession three major internaitional titles simultaneously (the ae ane in Portugal). Domestically they hauld the best record o five titles in a row, haein wan the Portuguese Liga 25 times. Ither titles wan bi the club include the Portuguese Cup 20 times an Portuguese Supercup 17 times (62 naitional titles).

The fitbaa hame grund is the Estádio do Dragão, which replaced the previous home, Estádio das Antas, in 2003. A new multi-sport arena near the stadium wis recently completit tae harbour FC Porto's ither sports such as the handbaa an basketbaa teams, which are regular contenders for the naitional titles an the roller hockey section, amangst the best in the sport warldwide. Supporters an players o the club are nicknamed Portistas or Dragões.

The oreeginal stadium still exists (the field o constitution), currently servin the formation o the club, unner the name Dragon Force. Commercially, the club haes several stores cried Loja Azul (Blue Store) scattered aroond the ceety, includin twa uised wi offeecial supplier Nike. Syne 1994, a merchandisin guids fair cried Portomania is organized durin the pre-saison. FC Porto publishes ane o the aulder club-relatit publications in Europe: a monthly 60-page full-colour magazine cried Dragões (Dragons) that haes existit syne the early 1980s.