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Encarnación is a city in southeastern Paraguay. It is situatit (370 km) 235 miles sooth-east o the caipital Asunción on the Paraná River, opposite the Argentine ceety o Posadas. The twa ceeties ar linked bi the San Roque González de Santa Cruz Bridge. Encarnación is the caipital o the department o Itapúa an haes a population o 69,769 (2002 census).

The ceety wis foondit bi the Jesuits in 1615. It gained in importance efter the comin o the railway in 1854. In 1957, the ceety wis made the seat o the Roman Catholic Diocese o Encarnación. Today the ceety is dividit intae twa main sections - the auld ceety bi the river an the newer business district inland. Akis o its mild climate Encarnación is aften cawed "The Pearl o the Sooth".

Maist o the inhabitants ar o mixed Spanish an Amerindian descent as in the rest o Paraguay but there ar also minorities o Germans, Ukrainians, Japanese, Koreans, Arabs, New Zealanders, Cheenese an Poles.

Encarnación wis the birthplace o Alfredo Stroessner, general an heid of state o Paraguay frae 1954 tae 1989.

Samba dancer frae Encarnación

It is also the "Carnival" Capital of Paraguay, a yearly celebration of mostly Brazilian music and dance.

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