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Campbeltoun (Scots Gaelic: Ceann Loch Chille Chiarain) is a toun an umwhyl ryal burgh in Argyll an Bute, Scotland. It ligs bi Campbeltoun Loch on the Kintyre hauf-iland. Oreiginalie kent as Kinlochkilkerran (frae the Gaelic, whilk meins "the heid o the loch bi the kirk o St Kieran"). It wis renamed in the 17t yeirhunder as 'Campbell's toun'; Archibald Campbell, Earl o Argyle, haein been grantit the syt in 1667 for the erection o a burgh o baronie.[1] Campbeltoun becam an important centur for ship-biggin an whiskie, an a bisie fishin port.

Leid[eedit | eedit soorce]

Campbeltoun is ane o the few communities in the Scots Hielands whaur the Scots leid is spak, raither nor the Scots Gaelic. This wis due til the plantation o lawland mertshands til the burgh in the Middil Ages. The-day, the Inglis leid, in the furm o the Scots Inglis dialek, is the main leid in the toun.

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