Đồng Hới

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Dong Hoi
Thành phố Đồng Hới
Dong Hoi
Dong Hoi is located in Vietnam
Dong Hoi
Dong Hoi
Location in Vietnam
Coordinates: 17°28′59″N 106°35′59″E / 17.48306°N 106.59972°E / 17.48306; 106.59972
Kintra Banner o Vietnam Vietnam
 • Total 154.55 km2 (59.67 sq mi)
 • Total 108,685 (20nd in Vietnam)
Website www.donghoi.gov.vn
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Đồng Hới

Đồng Hới is a municipality o Quang Binh Province, in Bac Trung Bo (Vietnam), 450 km south of Hanoi. Its population stands at aboot 103,988 fowk (2006). The ceety is locatit on the richt bank o the Nhat Le River. Dong Hoi is a coastal ceety locatit at the mooth o the Nhat Le River, in Vietnam's north central coastal aurie. Dong Hoi is located at 1,230 km north o Ho Chi Minh Ceety. Dong Hoi Airport is 6 km north Dong Hoi.